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Best Practices in CCDF Child Care Background Checks

Many Lead Agencies have created websites or have developed technological solutions to help streamline the process for child care background checks. This brief provides some state examples.

Branding Your Consumer Education Website: A Guide for States and Territories

This guide offers best practices, tools, and examples to help states and territories develop a brand personality. This brand can extend beyond the consumer education website into other communication platforms, such as social media and print media.

Equal Access Resources

Equal access is the assurance that states and territories must provide in their CCDF plans that CCDF subsidies are sufficient to ensure eligible children have the same access to child care services that are comparable to services provided to children whose parents are not eligible to receive child care assistance. These resources, along with modules on market rate surveys, provide guidance on estimating costs of care and other tools and briefings on this topic support a deeper understanding of the comprehensive approach needed to assure equal access to child care.

Market Rate Survey Briefs

This series of briefs addresses topics related to market rate surveys. Some of the topics discussed in this series include: planning a market rate survey, using available data sources, designing and conducting the survey, analyzing the data, and reporting and using results.


Market Rate Survey Training

The process to conduct a market rate survey contains multiple steps and can be complex. These interactive modules, coupled with a full review of the four market rate survey briefs, provides users a basic understanding of the market rate survey process. It is geared to Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) administrators, their staff, or consultants responsible for overseeing the survey process.

Equal Access and Market Rate Surveys

The Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) Act of 2014 requires Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) Lead Agencies to certify that their payment rates are sufficient to ensure equal access for eligible children that are comparable to child care services provided to children whose parents are not eligible for

Tribal CCDF Plan Review and Approval: Where are We Now?

This webinar was held by the Office of Child Care to update tribes on Tribal CCDF Plan review and approval processes, receipt of approval letters, and available technical assistance, background checks, and the timeline for coming into compliance.

Watch the video.

Social Media Strategies to Support Consumer Education Websites

This guide can help states and territories create a successful social media presence by presenting best practices and resources for planning, maintaining, and assessing an effective social media strategy that will engage their audience and support the use and growth of their consumer education website.

Market Rate Survey Terms

This interactive module covers two major terms that you need to understand fully to conduct a market rate survey successfully: equal access and valid and reliable market rate survey.

How to Plan your Market Rate Survey

This Interactive module covers the planning required to do a market rate survey.