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Innovation In Action: The Role of Innovation in Early Childhood

This presentation outlines the role of innovation in early child care using three case studies. The resource shares unique challenges in child care and shares six field innovations.

Keeping Families Together

This presentation outlines the Burrell Behavioral Health IMPART Program’s primary goal on providing behavioral health and recovery services to keep families together. It highlights the services they offer for women and the impact of IMPART.

Innovation in Action: Opportunities for New Ideas and New Mindsets in Child Care

This presentation shares unique challenges in child care, such as: low pay rates, fragmented distribution, legacy tech systems, and scarcity constraints. It allows participants to think about solutions to these challenges, using a pitch exercise.

Early Childhood State Systems: Partnering with Higher Education to Build Flexible Career Pathways

This presentation explains how to develop successful partnerships with community leaders and higher learning institutes. It discusses ways to support new and non-traditional learners in the early childhood education (ECE) system. Strategies focus on using state governments to improve and expand ECE entry level professional education.

Opportunities for Supporting Populations Impacted by Opioid Misuse and Substance Use Disorder

This presentation increases awareness of the opioid and substance misuse crisis. It reviews the Child Care and Development Fund information memorandum policy flexibilities. This resource explores policy to practice opportunities and looks at effective State and Territory Lead Agency strategies.

Supporting Social-Emotional Learning Across the Age Continuum

This presentation outlines the effect of equity, childhood adversity, and trauma on social-emotional learning. It explores strategies and practices to support the social-emotional learning of children, families, and program staff.

Keeping Children Safe: Trends in Child Care Licensing

This presentation outlines information from the 2017 Child Care Licensing Study. This resource shares findings about facility and provider requirements, and licensing agency policies. It discusses how to support providers and positive changes in licensing requirements and policies.

Integrating Health and Safety in Your Early Childhood Education System: Moving Toward Full Implementation and Innovation

This presentation outlines a framework that helps states and territories integrate full health and safety practices in their early childhood education systems. It helps you evaluate connections between health and safety requirements, licensing requirements, professional development systems, and quality initiatives. This resource allows colleagues to discuss examples and next steps for their jurisdiction. 

Understanding Your Consumer Education Brand

This webinar addressed the importance of branding and why is it important to consider in consumer education websites. Participants learned key aspects of branding and how it can improve the overall look and user experience of consumer education websites.

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Ask Me Anything: Understanding Your Consumer Education Brand

This thirty-minute follow-up webinar answered questions that states and territories raised in the webinar. Participants submitted questions prior to the webinar and the experts prepared responses.

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